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Ways To Obtain Your High School Diploma Online with EICA

Do you have access to an electronic device and the Internet? That's really all you need to get started at Ebenezer International Christian Academy!

Convenient, Assessable, Flexible, Affordable

Earning a diploma online is becoming a more common practice for many people, and EICA makes it convenient, assessable, flexible and affordable for you. Here's why...

  • Access to our online classes and study guides on your computer anywhere, anytime
  • Get unlimited access to the Learning Resource Center
  • Content is engaging and interactive, so concepts come alive
  • Teachers and administrators available for the student at anytime
  • Take exams and submit assignments online
  • Connect with your advisors and feel the comfort to confined in them any problem
  • A high school Advocate is assigned to you upon enrollment

Request guidance online from academic advisors and teachers, via phone or email.

We accept eligible transfer credits – just send your transcript for evaluation. Depending on how many credits we apply, this could reduce your tuition.

Get your high school diploma online at Ebenezer International Christian Academy!

Call 305-792-8242 or enroll online now.

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